Blog Post #1 – “Unwanted Modeling Language”

For this week’s blog post, I chose a blog from Codding Horror where the writer, Jeff Atwood discusses his opinion on Universal Modeling Language (UML). Atwood offers an interesting opinion on UML, because he does not think that it is an effective tool for organizing code.

I picked this blog because we just went over the section on UML in class and why it is an effective tool to use. Since we’re learning it for our course, we are given mainly the positives about UML and how it can help us code. So I think it’s interesting that there is someone out there who has tried UML before and isn’t a fan of it.

Atwood states that his problem with UML is that it can be interpreted as subjective, which he feels doesn’t fit with programming since it is not subjective. Another point the writer brings up is that UML isn’t bidirectional and that if UML changes the code isn’t automatically changed and vice versa. Atwood also believes that UML does not have any advantage over other forms of documentation. However, these are all one person’s opinions. That does not make everything Atwood is saying about UML a fact, but it’s an interesting opinion to read about.

It’s interesting to get another perspective on UML after learning about it in class, and I think that Atwood is valid to feel this way because the same form of documentation is not going to work for everyone. People prefer different ways to document code and will work with what suits them best. Atwood doesn’t speak for everyone when it comes to using UML and his opinions on it aren’t the only opinion. There are many people out there who think that UML is an effective tool to organize.

This blog does not deter me away from using UML because I haven’t tried using it in depth yet so I can’t say if I will find UML effective or not, but from what I read about UML in class, it seems like a helpful modeling tool to make planning code more effective. I may love UML and use it for all of my programs in the future, or I could be like Atwood and prefer something else.